The Dedication Amidst Anxiety

Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways. Sigmund Freud Anxiety poisons my mind, it’s an entity that rules me, and feeds on my mental energy; it fogs my mind, and I can’t see clearly. My imagination becomes arid when the dark shadows of anxieties cloudContinue reading “The Dedication Amidst Anxiety”

A Letter To …….

We are merry-go-rounds floating above the ground, Little shingles shining in the night; Foams too, escaping till the landscape. We are closed cities, yet still pretty, Sending kisses far away, to another galaxy. We used to bump each other’s head with bones of Mammoths, But embraced mechanic, became megalomanic, and created weapons. We are addictedContinue reading “A Letter To …….”

Metaphorical And Fanciful

The poetic genre I love When earth shakes, do snakes escape from its mouth? while all roots unroot from the soil? — how can I, the author of this sentence, be surprised by what I’ve written on my own… is it my natural ability to observe from another’s perception that brings me to that conclusion?Continue reading “Metaphorical And Fanciful”

Sweet Is Thy Beauty

Tomorrow 12 March is the day where we celebrate the Independence of the republic of Mauritius… but all festivities have been canceled. For 2019 I had written nuance, a poem where I poetically describe the different colors that make up our multicolored flag. But this time I was inspired to write this poem from aContinue reading “Sweet Is Thy Beauty”

Women, I Compare Thee

Happy International Women’s Day in advance Women, I Compare Thee Women and their strength And all the weeds, flowers, and grasses That grow upon our skin, uninvited Women and their endurance And all these gigantic trees That crawl and root inside of us, forcibly Women, we are, storm-like creatures Winged, and crowned, but still, humble,Continue reading “Women, I Compare Thee”

Passionately Attach To What I Produce

That’s why I don’t abandon Darcocyte would have been an aborted project if I had abandoned its conception. But that is where my strange anthropomorphic habits tend to save the day — looking at it as something tangible and true, one that belongs to the realm of existence — I couldn’t fail to write it.Continue reading “Passionately Attach To What I Produce”

About Meditation For Creatives

My experience of the thing To “meditate” is defined in the dictionary as: “to think deeply and seriously about something” – but to gain what exactly? As for me, in the beginning, I wanted release from stress; and with all the books that I already had – about the power of Meditation and all theContinue reading “About Meditation For Creatives”

Writing Is What I Want To Do

“BE” Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw If there is one verb that inspires and motivates me to go further, and to do more of what I am doing, it’s without contest the verb “be”. I believe that what we really want to achieve determines what we becomeContinue reading “Writing Is What I Want To Do”

The Vastest Of All Oceans

The universe will always inspire me, It will always nourish my creativity, and ignite my curiosity. The Vastest Of All Oceans This world ends in various seasons Our heart seldom break without reasons And the cloud is so soft, that it rains tears Right into a bucket above my head Where it’s filled with sandContinue reading “The Vastest Of All Oceans”

My 2020 Resolutions

Concerning my creative career My tries of yesteryear Fell on the soil Bloomed out a strange plant Whose leaves I ate this year – Mistakes to not make again Mistakes to not make again. -Eiravel- Here comes the time of the year where some resolutions need to be taken. As for my 2019 resolutions, mostContinue reading “My 2020 Resolutions”