RIP Stan Lee – From Your Dearest Fan

The dark is upon us, and superheroes are not born yet

Through your hands, the grand design
Through your mind, the vast intellect
In your heart, a dream to be;
Through your eyes, Superheroes were born
In your smile, you seemed to see
That superheroes are —
So continue to fly
And don’t stop to mastermind
Through eons of time
Into ocean colors of pallets;
And forever remain a legend among legends.

Thank you.

The dark is upon us, and superheroes are not born yet

With him dies the sense that superheroes would always have to stay imprisoned into comic books — the dark is upon us, and superheroes are not born yet, what a fate we have (don’t mind me, I am a die-hard fan of him and of his characters). I have always admired authors, and much more adore those that place superpowers at the center of their creation. Somewhere in my mind, there has always been some Stan Lee into the characters of the book I am currently writing. I would surely always remember his cameos — the designer himself inside of his fictional realm.

Published by Eiravel

Hello everyone, and welcome to my personal blog. This is a self-taught adventure in creative writing, craft that I am passionate about; learning writing and all the stuff that concerns this industry while surfing on the waves of the internet, and I aspire to make a living through selling my own books and blogging, because why not. I live on the island of Mauritius with my husband, my two children, and my muse. I am an eclectic person, love the sublime and the strange; I am also interested in all types and forms of art that please my mind.

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