A personal blog intended for the autodidacts, amateur, and independent creative writers; as well as for creative work enthusiasts.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward

The Struggle Is Real

Just a simple user There was a time where I was taken aback by the websphere. I was discouraged, I was confused, I was overwhelmed — mainly due to the fact that I was blind as a bat flying in daytime. Thing is, to get the necessary control over something, you need to first and […]

Layers Of Chaos

When it’s Dark, I can’t see The confusion alleviates me My senses are in dissaray And I am lost screaming mayday. A light goes on, shinning brightly But its rays beam out faintly – I am lost on my own way So blind in a world filled of dissaray; A sound echo confuses my mind […]

A cry For Freedom

Amongst the trees they ran Thirsty for freedom, the liberation Better to die rather than To live like an animal in ruination Their chains rattle against the ground While their heart tremble with the fear That they might be found by the hounds, So they run for their lives like a deer Searching for that […]

About Meditation For Creatives

My experience of the thing To “meditate” is defined in the dictionary as: “to think deeply and seriously about something” – but to gain what exactly? As for me, in the beginning, I wanted release from stress; and with all the books that I already had – about the power of Meditation and all the […]

Am coming back to you on a wing of storm

A sky teared, opened A form, levitated, hovered My body trembled, raptured Everything around, fell down, so sad I tried, likewise, to reach But my mind, ran away, to a beach But still, our link, unbroken Our eye, remote, and hidden I realized, my only pleasure, taken You were lost, then thought, forsaken Oh! My […]

Writing Is what I Want To Do

“BE” If there is one verb that inspires and motivates me to go further, and to do more, it’s without contest the verb “be”. I believe that what we really want, determines what we become in life — hence, the where there is a will there is a way quote. But only if this was […]

The Vastest Of All Oceans

This world ends in various seasons Our heart seldom break without reasons And the cloud is so soft, that it rains tears Right into a bucket above my head Where it’s filled with sand and sea While my attitude is a longitude of the sky Yet my heart is a heavy metal Meant, to be […]

My 2020 Resolutions

Concerning my creative career My tries of yesteryearFell on the soil –Bloomed out a strange plantWhose leaves I ate this year –Mistakes to not make againMistakes to not make again. -Eiravel- Here comes the time of the year where some resolutions need to be thought about. As for my 2019 resolutions, most of them have […]

A Cycle Ends – A Poem For This New Year

And about the challenge I faced to write it All stars and planets concinnate, Of course, it’s the end of a twelve months cycle A fickle cycle that started twenty years back Do you remember what occurs? You were new born in a shinny cradle Your eyes, as dark as this void Your heart, as […]

Merry Merry Christmas

When The Contagious Festive Mood Inspires Merry Merry Christmas May joy shine like fine glass Inside of your festive hearts Filled, of ice cream dreams Merry Merry Christmas May you live the magic And let yourself be carried away By the loud amusing joy ride Merry Merry Christmas May the loving floating ambiance Regenerates your […]

I’ve Been On Cloud Nine

Productivity through total focus I’ve been flying on cloud nine, woolgathering all of the ideas that might make up my poetry book i-Organel Dreamscape. It was a mindscape filled of wonderment, where I’ve been meeting with all the creatures that run wildly within my dreams—those figments that make up my imagination—and expressing all of these […]

How The Completion Of Darcocyte Happened

From then till now Not all those who wander are lost;— Tolkien It all started on Pinterest. Yes . . . Six or seven years ago I was introduced to this platform by Xu_Ann_the_3rd, my lil’ sister; and since then, I’ve been contaminated with the virus of creativity, DIY, and everything aesthetic. All of these […]


A Poem For This Pink October I hope you find in poetry A lighthouse hovering upon a tree Some bucket full of fireflies Flying all across many skies — Of all colours & of all styles May you imagine as you write Knocking down all the sylphides of fright Brandishing courageously your sword Annihilating only […]

Science Fiction, The literature Of Ideas

I really don’t know how this all began in my head, I mean, how did I came up with the idea of writing a science-fiction novel — the most difficult genre to be writing, mainly because there needs to be lot of researches in order to be able to build a whole new world, system, […]

Darcocyte Has Been Published

“I’ve walked many miles as to find myself and finally be, crossed trillions of stars and experienced more than one existence as to finally learn, shed more than one tears and broke my heart more than once as to finally understand . . . that infinity and everything that is, simply stream through a pool […]

Peace, Please

A Poem I Wrote For World Peace Day Peace, Please So that our scars might close Like the bud of a rose And that our bruises might have time to compose A heartbreaking story filled of sad prose Peace, Please So that our wonderful children might freely Roam their lands with assurance and safety Under […]

The word that sounds best to my ears

It’s a resonance to my ears, to my mind If I told you that the word ooze tickles the fancy of my mind, where this one word is a lullaby to my ears, it ooze and leaks its way throughout the realm of my imagination, it makes my internal chords sensible to a hum-like call, […]

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