Peace is a being 
That has wings 
Larger than a galaxy,
It crosses the span of time 
And arrives silently 
On a warm morning 
To enliven our heart

Peace is a gentle thing 
That gently touches 
The heart at war 
The heart that bleeds 
And kisses our wounds 
With its soft lips
For us to sleep serenely

Peace is a giant 
So enormous and vast
That it covers the aches 
And wraps us in love 
And rises us above 
And makes us feel well loved 
Across and beyond times

Peace is a jungle vine
That creeps into hearts
And settle into bodies 
To grow under sunlight 
And bloom on midnight —
It is that light 
That candle, that bulb

It is there, somewhere 
Patient, silently waiting 
In a dark corner of our mind 
In a tight space in our heart,
All you have to do is call it
And carried by gentle winds
Peace shall come at last.


War is not a solution to resolve issues, but peace is, diplomacy is, understanding is. My heart goes to those who are actually suffering in Ukraine, or any other country that are within the sadistic clutch of a war.

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