Silver lines in the sky

Silver lines in the sky

I was recently shuffling through the pages of the encyclopaedia of magical creatures, and these words by the mythological ‘Morrigan’ instantly fired up my inspiration to write this poem, which, compared to peace, please, is more visceral, more about the personalisation of the emotions I felt on the moment where I imagined those silver lines hovering in the sky, triggered by the lines ‘peace up to heaven, heaven over earth, earth under heaven, peace in everyone’.

Silver Lines In The Sky
Peace came home, to me
While I laid in my bed
Thinking, of silver lines in the sky,
They were dancing oh so freely
While they brightly burned their light

T’was morning, birds were singing merrily
When peace came home, to me
Clothed of silver lines, that shone brightly
Such elegance, it appeased my heart
Such emmited spark, it erased the dark

The sky was plentiful of silver lines
And peace revealed its face to me
It was hiding itself amongst silver lines
These silver lines in the sky
While all these clouds flew by

Suddenly these silver lines shapeshifted
And peace suddenly appeared as a being
A gigantic one, a net of silver lines
It walked pass me, touching my face
It was spirit, and I was all amazed

I followed it till the vast ocean
And there, it mingled with the water
The ocean became sprightly, filled of peace
And in my mind I ran and plunged
Where peace I breathed within my lungs

Peace came home, to me
While I laid on my bed
Thinking, of silver lines in the sky.


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