My Poems

The Sun Sets Into My Eyes

As I live on a tropical island, the sea and the sun inspire my writings 

The sun sets into my eyes               
& lures away the grey colored clouds; 
Beseeching my soul to transmogrify 
Into an ecliptic surrender 

Then the day lights 
Through that soul of mine 
& the lullabies danced 
In transcendental rhymes  

As my imagination 
It soared into colorful skies.

By Eiravel

I am an independent creative author (self-taught autodidact), who lives on the island of Mauritius. I've self-published a metaphysical science-fiction novel (Darcocyte); and I am currently writing a poetry book. I am a very passionate person, who loves reading beautiful sentences; I am also a great cinephile, music lover, and a lover of everything aesthetic and artistic. For my personal creative leisure, I love to craft, blog & write poetry, and this, all the while taking care of my children.

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