About My Surreal Collages

“Everything made that comes from the heart is called art.”

I’ve always been fascinated by the art world, and this since I was a teenager; but unfortunately I’ve never been able to draw impeccably like one of these talented artists, who are able to seal their impressions of the moment in an artwork. I think that’s why I hold on to poetry and blogging, and now to collage, which are ways for me to immortalise these ever-fleeting thoughts, emotions, and memories in the archive’s chamber of my life.

cutouts of an opened white canned tomato purée with food patterned heart.
Edible heart.

When my sister introduced me to Pinterest and Tumblr I discovered peculiar indie-work uploaded by simple individuals like you and I, and my inspiration started to slowly grow into a tree watered by the dreams, thoughts, and emotions poured into wonderful do-it-yourself crafts, and as well as other independently made stuffs; I found my tribe in people that enjoy keeping personal scrapbooks and diaries, those who like to catch and collect moments, cut and past memories in notebooks, scribble things here and there; I found a community of makers that embrace imperfections with all their heart, just like I do; and I didn’t feel that strange anymore… I could safely share online my likes, tastes, and kind of imperfect work, even sell them like some do with their diaries, scrapbooks, diy chapbooks, or any other art made for the sake of art on websites like Etsy and eBay, on Facebook pages, or even through local free small classified ads, and also, let us not forget, through small ephemeral craft markets.

I came to understand that if I succeeded knowing how to do it properly online, I, too, could sell my stuffs right from home, which for sure, is more easily said than done!

I organise these cutouts in different files I name.

I started to cut and rip images, patterns, and words from magazines and books after I learned about the interesting process of making art through the techniques of surrealism, which help the unconscious mind to express itself through automatic creativity.

I believe that creativity calls more creativity, and doing some extra creative leisures help my imagination to expand itself outside the confinements of the brain — creative activities help my consciousness to free itself from the chasm in which its tomb is buried since forever, so as to deter memories that bloom out as ideas in present time.

I also like the idea of using the same images, patterns, and words that I’ve already used, in new collages, and where the process of destroying the original work on paper so as to make them live as unique work in the digital universe has a symbolic meaning to me… that’s why you’ll find many of the patterns, images, or words that I like being repeated in different ways through my collages — their originals are destroyed in the process of recreating, their originals are ephemera.

Surrealism is the magical surprise of finding a lion in a wardrobe where you were “sure” of finding shirts.

FRIDA KAHLO, ‘I Paint My Own Reality’.
One of my first attempts. Guess that’s what we call trashy.

Surrealism collage fascinates me because everything realised on paper comes straight from the imagination in rough shape, without edit, without logic, you just let these abstract thoughts fly to land in the place it wants to live, thing that is impossible to do in poetry or fiction, because there needs to have coherence for smooth ongoing reading.

Perhaps something rough doesn’t shine, nor looks good and perfect, but there’s a type of innocence that irradiates from a work that comes straight from the heart, from the imagination, from that deep place where all connected dreams live; and all that I have to do to get a bite out of these random-access-memories is to empty my mind, and to think of nothing else while I’m sorting from the scraps that I’ve already torn or cut out from old mags or books.

Of course, in the beginning when I didn’t know what I was really doing, and that I was consciously trying to arrange these scraps of papers in the most perfect and logical ways, everything that came out were perfect craps, for I was trying too hard to think and please so as to not ridicule myself; I was not trusting myself and my instinct during the creative process, thus ended up creating fake chimeras.

I believe that what attracts people to some artworks, or any other type of oeuvres that are exposed, is that resonance emitted from the moment the work took shape — that point in time when it was conceived in the imagination to be born in existence. Not all work will have the same impact on everyone, same as I know that not everyone will like what I do; but I believe that there’s an audience for all types of aesthetic work, including for the trashcore and grunge aesthetic, where people like that ragged style, then I dare dreaming that perhaps if I pour all of my heart in what I do, then perhaps my work and writings will also thread their way to connect to hearts that vibes on the same frequency as I do, for everything made that comes from the heart is called art.

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