Close, so close
Abreast, loving
Our heart weighing
In one harmonious body —
Our fingers intermingling.

Close, so close
Our breaths mingle
The clouds are hearts
In our head we’re one
This life times two.

So dear, my dear 
Our frequencies attuned 
Telepathic waves and its length 
Radios and T.V broadcasts
Love, surrounding us.

My dear, so dear
You are smoke, vapour 
Which I inhale lovingly
As to exhale your body
Within which I melt completely.

My love, so loved
Our nights are days
And our days nights
This song is for us
That poem by us.

So loved, my love
So much I shrivel
Inside of your heart
Which you water with love
For me to bloom, inside of you.


Romance and love always uplift my mood, and where my odes to romance spring from the realm where true love remains, thus I remain positive that tomorrow, the 14th of February, I’ll be able to independently publish my first book of poems.