When Words Hurt

When words hurt
When words hurt
Knives scar my mind
And in the dreariest of nights
A beautiful flower shrivels,
In the darkest of nights
A poisoned flower blossoms.
When words hurt
My heart aches and mourn
And on the gloomy side of things
Acid falls down from my eyes
Making their way desperately
Till lakes where cadavers rest.
When words hurt
I’ve now learned to let it hurt
Because they’re only words
Meant to trigger my feelings
My peace, that serenity
I let it hurt, afterwards I’m freed.

Remember, only a little spark suffice to start a gargantuesque fire. Words are meant to be beautiful, to soothe, to appease, to elevate. Words under no circumstances are to be used to attack, to bully, to harass, to uglify, and to humiliate. What’s beautiful shouldn’t be weaponised.

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