Before I forget
Before my words run dry
And all my poems die
As I forget the name of the sky
Let me write one last ode to my mother.
Before gloaming looms out of the day
As most leaves start to fall in May
And that the night insists to stay
I want my mother to find daylight in my eyes.
After revolution, chaos, and war destroy
As the trickster comes as a sky envoy
And all that we’ll see are only decoys
Please, let me remember all of my mothers.
Even amidst this connubial bliss
And if I’m enraptured by a kiss
Or even if I look like this
My mother always live in my heart.
As everything dreamed become nightmares
And that some die without the least care
While we question the meaning of what’s fair
May my mother find in me that glint of hope.
And as all barren trees blossom again
That all pain is erased from our brain
And that golden haze escapes from what’s arcane
Know mother, that I’ll search for you again.

Happy Mother’s Day to alllll mothers in Mauritius, and as well in the world, especially to mine… mmmmuuuuuaaahhhhh Mamie, I love you loads, same as you love us.

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to write a poem for Mother’s Day, because I felt that everything that I wanted to say about mothers went into Soft Lands (ebook that I published yesterday through Smashwords), but I wanted so badly to write one last ode to mothers that I wrote down the two first lines, as well as the fourth line as an incantation — Before my words run dry/And all my poems die/Let me write one last ode to my mother, and pufff! Slowly but surely the poem took shape.

The collage above of cutouts of a crown on a flower head that blooms out from the shell of mother-of-pearl decorated with a necklace of pearls represent the strength of women’s uterus, while the red stripped paper means same blood.