Things Abandoned (prompt)
My heart can't house things abandoned
For my heart will loudly sadly crack
And will escape, all things maddened 
While I’ll loudly scream, tortured on a rack
It will leave my body stranded, tired
Filled with morosities and blue colours
Stuffed with shaking bones all battered 
Where not even a grey sky make it offers
A fear of bitter abandonment —
A nightmare that once became alive
Where traumatism became all significant
And where I was drowning before I could dive
My heart can't house things abandoned 
They flirted with my mind and I got burned,
Everything around me got so saddened 
And sadly, coming to me, I knew I learned 
I can't be a sky abandoned to itself —
Stuck between dark spaces and land it can't touch;
Could it be aware of its vast lonely blue lands
Or is it plunged in deep sleep, asleep that much?
But I love to see them all, these things, places 
All abandoned in the hands and embrace of peace,
Left alone in the wild, places without faces —
And that nobody else is given their keys.