A Prayer To Nature

All things by immortal power

Near or far,


To each other linkèd are,

That thou canst not stir a flower

Without troubling of a star. — From ‘The mistress of vision’ by Francis Thompson.

A Prayer To Nature
Sleep and dream mama
Sleep and dream 
beautiful dreams,
Dream of unity 
for your children
that your womb is so fertile 
And the sea in your breast 
so clear
That seafood and food 
Grow in abundance everywhere.
Sleep and dream mama
Sleep and dream 
beautiful dreams,
Dream that peace
Covers us all
that seas and rivers spit out
On shores and banks 
All of these dirts 
That the air cleans itself
For us to breathe pure air.
Sleep and dream mama
Sleep and dream 
beautiful dreams,
Dream that paradise
Is a place on Earth
that your soldiers sleep
In their cradle of leaves
Talking to you in their sleep
Helping love blossom in all hearts
That we heal from these deep wounds.
It’s still 4 o'clock, full daylight
You’ve wake up too soon, mama
Night hasn’t come yet 
Night hasn't come yet
The dark creature still sleeps,
So why are you awake?
Why are you soaring above?
With your eye so widely opened, 
Sleep, for you’ll be too tired 
When this night finally comes.
It’s way too soon, oh way too soon
So sleep again, and dream mama
Sleep and dream beautiful dreams
And that our songs lull you to sleep
And perhaps, it will follow, too
To sleep by your side in stillness, 
Sleep and dream mama
Sleep and dream beautiful dreams.
And when you’ll finally awake
In the strangest of night
The ground will need resowing.


On April 22 we celebrated Earth day, which I think is an important day on our calendar, because Earth is the only home that we have. We can’t take the risk of jeopardising our little corner of paradise more than we have, that’s true, we need to learn to live more harmoniously with Earth and everything it contains… but I also think that our planet lives, too, that it is an intelligent entity that can protect and defend and purge itself from detritus and parasites and excesses… thus this little narrative poetry in the form of a prayer to this deity in whose belly we live, giving to it a Wiccan vibe.

6 responses to “A Prayer To Nature”

  1. The soul holds
    the immortal power
    she passes on life
    from the mother to the child
    we are all made of stardust
    we are time
    in our short time
    soon the memory of us
    fall into oblivion

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