Making Sense Of Things While Writing

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper — W. B. Yeats

To discover some things along the way while writing isn’t that strange, it is a form of self-taught education and self-discovery within the spectrum of autodidacticism, the obligation of the mind to arrange the words that’ll build up ideas and give answers that can be perceived either consciously or even unconsciously in a world where some people think that nothing matters, or even perceive life as emptiness and the void, with no purpose and use, and this to the point of going on to have suicidal, murderous, and self-destructive behaviours; and yet we are here, filling this world with our thoughts and ideas and dreams and presence; surrounded by all of these things that are awaiting uncovering, awaiting to be unraveled, unearthed, to be dissected, and to be really known. 

Our knowledge of how things function in life are minimal, vague, and mostly speculative, and we are not enough curious to know deeper than what we’ve been told, unfortunately. Indeed, humans are very late on its own agenda, and I believe that writing can really help catching up with this delay, for at any time, and at any moment, we never know who might be inspired by our writing… what idea might germinate in the mind of someone else, which can lead to the building and understanding of something greater… thus I think, the importance of being attentive, these deep diving into thoughts so as to touch the light of knowledge, and connecting these dots while writing. 

Yes, the universe is full of so much bright lights, beautiful nights, of an amazing nature, and of intriguing creatures, of us, that we think that all of these have been conceived in magical ways, as if, an entity with a magical wand said ‘abracadabra’, and there, existence was… but what if things were deeper than that? More scientific, more logical, more organised… so organised and sequential that we could recreate new life through a fictional story — make sense of this world through world building, shed light on things, enlightening oneself, enlightening others… write stuff, and let the subconscious decide; perhaps make some deep research about the words ‘abracadabra’ and ‘magical wand’ so as to find their roots from where we can grow our own tree in a story… make sense of things while writing.

Intelligence grows through knowledge, and that tiny world in which we are all attached to grows bigger and become more existent when each time one of us contributes a bit of that understanding. Writing helps us to know ourselves better, and to focus on things that make us understand a little bit more about the mechanism behind life, and I think that someone can really make a difference while writing. Favourite books, poems, and quotes are flagrant examples of what writing your heart out and researching bring to the table — these lines, sentences, stories, are clangs that resonate in the reader’s mind to create new pathways towards understanding and knowledge; these information or guides archived in the form of a written document remains forever so as to be one day fetched to become the idea, subject, saying, bit of information, the inspiration, on which one works on, same as I did here with this caption below the picture that accompanies this post.

2 responses to “Making Sense Of Things While Writing”

  1. Wow!
    A thoughtful post and very beautifully developed. Life and Universe are such vague topics to debate on, being nothing but magic sprinkled on us by Him.
    Reminded me of JK Rowling’s quote which says that miracles happen to those who believe in them. Great post Eiravel!!

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