I believe that everybody can begin again in their life; beginning is important, because on it relies everything that comes next, the outcome, the seasons in one’s life.

αρχή (Beginning)
In this cave as deep as the ocean
I found a heart as large as space
Corner stoned by glitters, mingled
To the colors of the gaseous nebula

Waves of love from galactic particles 
Sublimate my mind and seduce me to be
Sentimental epiphanies, remembrance
And I go back till the beginning 
And there in this night palace 
Atomic beings that birthed from 
The origin day, this primeval state 
Beseeched me to transmogrify
We danced closely in my mind 
And highly talked of worlds 
That could be ours to create,
And a revolution ticked in me
I then defied all mortal laws
Swam in forbidden seas, waters 
Elevating my mind higher
Can you see my atoms playing around?
Can you see us, can you see yourself?
Now, go, wake and create 
We were waiting for you.