Here I go again, with my head filled of so many dreams
And my imagination filled with vivid visions and images
As my heart is fuelled by splendour and beauty and hymns. 
Here I go again, with my pretty enthusiasm and elation
This obsessiveness that flows in my veins while writing
As my eyes are filled with sparks and fireflies and passion.
Here I go again on that road that is filled with so much hope
Thinking that I can divulge what’s hiding deep in my cave
As I send all of these lovely word-signs around the globe.
Here I go again, forgetting to look at the beautiful flowers 
And accidentally trampling on them on sunny days 
When my head is filled with all the words that I’ve gathered.
Here I go again, too busy with practicing, editing, focusing
Enjoying myself with these games of making sentences
Where I’m pouring myself into it with intention of winning. 
Here I go again, telling to myself that I am almost there
That the world rewards those that do their best with integrity
Daydreaming that in the end, I, too, will get my fair share. 
Here I go again, neglecting most of my house chores
To the detriment of the excitement of sitting down to write,
Ambitious me, dreaming that I’m walking on these shores.
Here I go again as this emotion surges like heightened waves 
On misty mornings filled with fright, and yet that’s covered 
With a mantle of thrilling sensation that keeps me amazed.
Here I go again, thinking that I can make it online 
Thinking that I’m a pro when I’m an amateur, criticised
Daring and hoping that one day I’ll make a living on-line.

Apart writing during the day, and trying to post at least 3 times per week on this blog, I really don’t have much time to read, comment, and like the blogs of my fellow bloggers… I’m so busy right now… but I hope to catch up with all of you very soon. Take care. Bye-bye.