The Struggle Is Real

Mainstay: the person or thing that something depends on most in order to continue or be successful.

There was a time where I was taken aback by the websphere. I was discouraged, I was confused, I was overwhelmed — mainly due to the fact that I was blind as a bat flying in daytime. Thing is, to get the necessary control over something you need to first and foremost have the minimal knowledge of how it works; and to know the mechanism behind a process you need to learn it as to be capable of designing your own subsystems, so as to be able to operate it as you wish and be the chief on top of that creation… and that’s from where stem my habitual frustration, which most of the time affects my online posting mood. I never had any whatsoever control. I am a simple user.

With time I came to understand that the main ingredient to be a successful digital entrepreneur is in fact your ICT knowledge, or any other direct affiliation you might have with the internet system. And that’s where I got it wrong right from the start. I am not a web developer, I have no single knowledge of the in-depth of how ICT systems work, nor am I affiliated to any of these subjects — I am only a droplet in the digital lagoon, where my mind is filled of dreams while surfing on the surface of the sea, and not caring at all what lies underneath.

The internet and its components are complex processes, so are the software that were built upon this main foundation, subsystems that are easily manipulated by those behind the scenes, those who are the core of the filaments of the web. And to actually have a minimum control over traffic, design, the security of your site for users and as well as your own data, one needs to be actually related in which ever ways to heightened level knowledge of the know-how ICT systems work, so as to be able to operate and manage your own web system… Isn’t it the truth? Mainstay: the person or thing that something depends on most in order to continue or be successful.

Thus, as I have personally understood it, to really prosper online you need to become one of these tech moguls who have full control over their products because they have deep knowledge of computer programming and development — literally go big or else remain a simple user who relies on control systems, which might as well be into deceitful and misleading activities that users or even their site authors may not be aware of, thus putting us the users and our work to great risks, perils, and hazards.

In the end I am only a simple user who relies on the digital equipment and materials built, programmed, and managed by others… and as a natural born control freak there are things that are hard for me to digest😅. But now that I am starting to get it, and where all of my illusions about the web have been shed, I now need to continue my way with confidence and stop being paranoid about those or these that I don’t see, and visualize that I am confidently walking on a flyover that’s found in the digital jungle —yes, it’s just me and my silly dreams of independence and wilderness, mainly daydreaming of spreading pages and pages of my work from various high towers, which in reality might seem insane, but where on the web it is blogging or writing it, publish or post it, and share it on your feed to a grand audience… now if you have some money you publicize when the whole thing is enough mouthwatering, fat and greasy… it appears so easy like that while writing about my plans, but it is not, and I swing in between thoughts of I will succeed to achieve what I want and that’s totally a dumb mistake.

But still, as a simple user, which I guess I’ll remain so for I only want to use the web to write stories, blog, create content, and as well as to make connections, I prefer to run within these complex systems and organizations than that of being captured and killed, or whatever else in a wilderness filled of vicious hungry predators, or whatever else cyber criminals that might be hidden on these isolated pathways. I am very very far from that dreamland, and the struggle is so real, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll give up so easily.

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