15 minutes of reading a day keeps your words flowing

Why you should read

Opened book, coffee and flowers
Read to feed your mind

Have to say that in such a hectic world, people have lesser time to devote themselves to intellectual leisure activities like reading or playing board games, for example; but luckily for aspiring or settled writers, reading is a must, for it is the only exercise that the brain needs. Reading is the booster to the writer’s mind.

But how to get the necessary time to sit and relax with a good book or ebook at hand, especially if one doesn’t have time to devote to intellectual activities for whatever reasons - well, the answer can be found in these in-between mindscape moment - these moments where instead of pondering on past, future, or fatalistic issues, you are in fact reading. The writer needs to read everyday, to allow their mind to get acquainted with the natural flow of words, which in return will help the writer to automatically structure sentences without effort. The more you train your brain to deeply assess and learn texts, the more pleasurable your writing will become.

Reading helps to feed the mind, and where even a zero in the spectrum of writing can overnight write something that will make them proud. Reading and writing work hand in hand - an intellectual association that boosts creativity, while helping you to gain the needed confidence to show your work. Why self-confidence you’ll ask? Well, because you’ll have obtained the necessary knowledge of what pleases your mind as a reader, and in return you’ll eventually discern the arrangement of your own sentences during re-writes and edits, working towards that same aesthetic that pleases so much your mind when you read the works of the other authors.

Of course, if you could be reading more than 15 minutes a day, you would have been at the epitome of your writing creativity, but for the others that have a hectic, or even disorganized life, try to find the necessary 15 minutes to read, even if these minutes are broken down to fit your own agenda.

Thus, there is no other way that is more beneficial to your writing skills than that of the activity of reading 15 minutes a day, knowingly that you’ll eventually end up making your sentences automatically more fluid.

*And as for you folks, do you find reading as being beneficial to your writing skills?

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