Science Fiction, The literature Of Ideas

I really don’t know how this all began in my head, I mean, how did I came up with the idea of writing a science-fiction novel — the most difficult genre to be writing, mainly because there needs to be lot of researches in order to be able to build a whole new world, system, as well as things that might work for the story. Have to say that I never intended writing a story on such a complicated genre, and yet, gradually as the story took shape, I had to acknowledge that it took the form of how it had been shaped in, that is, sentences mended together to form a science-fiction story.

I do love science-fiction, but I never envisioned myself writing one — where I was much more inclined to write an epic paranormal romance, due to my poetic mind and love of Romanticism. Till now, I still can’t seem to realize that I spent four and a half years writing and researching as for Darcocyte to become concrete.
Perhaps it was the ambiance of the web and all of these new technological ambitions that fascinate me so much, or the unleash from the depth of my subconscious of all the Christopher’s Pike and other weird tale magazines I was so much fond of in my teen and young adult days . . . does it matter now? . . . I think it does, because now that I have published Darcocyte, I have the etiquette ‘author of metaphysical science-fiction’ tagged right upfront all of my online accounts; and as someone with eclectic taste and a mind as organised as a colony of ants, I really don’t know where will all my pieces of multi-writing-genres, topics, and themes find their way among my social feeds. Guess that’s why I love blogging so much, simply because of the ability to organize within these pages my plural taste, and sharing them with a simple URL for like minders to find my posts.
Thus, I hope that through Darcocyte, I have honored the essence and background of what describes the best a science-fiction story, which is, a story about life in future, or what it might be like in an alternate world — a literature of ideas.
Now that it is over, I mean, finished with the story writing of my story, I clearly see that I’ve created a whole new world only through creatively mending words together, and to me, that’s all magical; saying to myself that I did it . . . I did it; I was able to make my dream come true, and that’s, that’s all that I needed, as to regain that, which I had long lost.
If you want to read my idea of an alternate future, head to Amazon to buy & read Darcocyte.

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