– Metaphors For My Imagination –

I close my eyes and the night veil behind my eyes seems cold and lone, so I shut them a little bit more, letting my eyelids stretch out their skin. And right there, behind this curtainless path, phosphenes starts to dance, dotting the night, drawing the forms.   Clause Cott pushed the man beside her, […]


Immaculate canvas — Awaited for brushstrokes Like a lover waiting for love Like a pen in need of use Like a mould wanting to shape, Expressions and Abstractions Materialising from minds To come alive into existence To exist, to make you see — Invisible information, invisible lessons – Invisible instructions Focusing elements of life Begging […]

My Diary

RIP Stan Lee – From Your Dearest Fan

Through your hands, the grand design Through your mind, the vast intellect In your heart, a dream to be; Through your eyes, Superheroes were born In your smile, you seemed to see That superheroes are — So continue to fly And don’t stop to mastermind Through eons of time Into ocean colors of pallets; And […]


I am not a simple person — I rest my mind into other dimensions Housed by some kind of alienated specimen That talks to me as I sleep, And that disperse as soon as the light shows its face; I swim into some seas That look like seaweeds and algae, Of some sort of sandy […]


Beginning   Into this cave as deep as the ocean I found a heart as large as space; Corner stoned by glitters, Mingled to the colors of the gaseous nebula Waves of love from galactic particles  Sublimates my mind & seduces me to be   Atomic beings birthed from the origin day Beseech me to transmogrify the […]


Come run with me under a sepian sky  Here where things belong to eternity Thriving to make sense of its own existence  So as to exist into plurality Plunge with me into neotic waves  That takes place into a clear space Swim with me amongst fractals of light  That crashes into one another To thrill […]

Digital Phantasium

Pitched black ink typed to come alive through my screen Where the glowish pixels materialise through my alphanumericals So as to set free the creatures that fill my phantasium There where they roam wildly Inside of my imaginarium; Through my introscopic mind, fueled by thee realism Titulars of the lights and of the darkening hours […]